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Public Attributes

_View Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

VBoolean act_color
Widget attr_shell
Widget attr_text
VAttrList attributes
VBand band
Widget band_0
Widget band_n
Widget band_scale
Widget bi_toggle
Widget brightness_scale
Widget contrast_scale
Widget edge_info
Widget edge_label
VBoolean edge_selected
Widget endpoints_toggle
Widget file_shell
VStringConst filename
GC gc
VImage image
Widget image_info
Widget image_view
Widget intensity_menu
Widget lines_toggle
Widget menu_bar
Widget menus [numberMenus]
View next
int nobjects
Widget object_list
Widget pixel_info
Widget point_info
Widget point_label
Widget points_toggle
Widget pref_shell
Preferences prefs
double sel_column
VEdge sel_edge
int sel_edge_idx
int sel_edges_idx
int sel_pt_idx
double sel_row
VStringConst short_name
VBoolean show_color
int size
VImage tmp_image
Widget view_shell

Detailed Description

Definition at line 137 of file vxview.h.

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