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vsynth.c File Reference

vsynth - produce a synthetic image More...

#include "viaio/Vlib.h"
#include "viaio/mu.h"
#include "viaio/option.h"
#include "viaio/os.h"
#include "viaio/VImage.h"
#include <math.h>
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enum  {
  binomialPattern, constantPattern, impulsePattern, normalPattern,
  rampPattern, sineGratingPattern, uniformPattern, zonePlatePattern


int main (int argc, char **argv)


static VDouble amplitude = 1.0
static VDouble base = 0.0
static VDouble density = 0.5
static VDouble freq [2] = { 0.0, 0.0 }
static VBoolean freq_found [2]
static VDouble frequency = 0.0
static VBoolean frequency_found
static VLong ncolumns = 256
static VLong nrows = 256
static VStringConst object_name = "image"
static VOptionDescRec options []
static VDouble orientation = 0.0
static VBoolean orientation_found
static double origin [2]
static VDouble origin_arg [2] = { 0.0, 0.0 }
static VBoolean origin_found
static VDictEntry pattern_dict []
static VDouble period = 8.0
static VBoolean period_found
static VDouble phase = 0.0
static VLong repn = VFloatRepn
static VLong seed
static VLong type

Detailed Description

vsynth - produce a synthetic image

vsynth creates a one-band image with a specified size, pixel representation, and pattern of pixel values. The program knows how to create several different types of patterns.


-outoutput image
-patternSpecifies the type of pattern to be used to set pixel values.
-nrowsnumber of rows in the output image
-ncolumnsnumber of columns in the output image
-repnoutput pixel representation (bit | ubyte | sbyte | short | long | float | double). Default: float.
-nameSpecifies the name to be given the synthesized image. Default: ``image''.
Available patterns are:
Known bugs
Arthur Pope, UBC Laboratory for Computational Intelligence

Definition in file vsynth.c.

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